Tobias Gerhardsson

Graphic Designer & Front End Developer

Working within the fields of graphic design with a certain interest for digital and web related work. Co-founder of Ekstra.


+46(0)705 17 65 49



ODDA Design Studio

Design and web development for interior design studio ODDA.

Anton Alvarez

Design and web development for sculptor and artist Anton Alvarez.

Gentle Cuts

Brand identity for music blog Gentle Cuts.


Cover for swedish political magazine Magasinet Arena and editorial design for yearly report publication by Arenagruppen.

In collaboration with Studio Christopher West

Rickard Sund

Collaborative design and web development for photographer Rickard Sund.


Design, web development, concept and photography for graduation project Jamska.

Jamska is an audio-visual story about the peculiar and unique dialect jamska.

On the basis of informing about the existence of jamska and increase the presence of the dialect online, the result of the project is a website for the jamska to survive and be experienced on.

The project thus also serves as an attempt to explore and demonstrate the potential of websites as a story-telling medium.

Sparre Vreede Partners

Design and web development for construction management company Sparre Vreede Partners.

In collaboration with Studio Christopher West

Professional Relationship

Art direction, concept and web development for school assigment titled Professional Relationship.

An interactive lookbook for Julia Andersen and Disa Gadd's interpretation of swedish fashion brand Oscar Jacobson inspired by the office space and its always present surveillance system, using that as the medium for a virtual fashion show.

In collaboration with Isak de Jong.

Design Studies

Design and web development for product design company Design Studies.

In collaboration between me and Alf Arén as Ekstra.